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Wallfillers - about us

Once upon a time, we could pop down to our local shops for just about anything.

On entering the store, we would receive a warm welcome, a smile, and a willingness to help with our needs, often from the owner themselves.

Local hardware store for screws, nails and tools, local butcher for our meat, and the local bakery for our bread.

Often nestled amongst those shops, would be a local picture framers with an ever changing display of artwork in the window.

Sadly, those days are gone now, and the convenience, friendly and attentive service of local shopping has been replaced by characterless out of town superstores.

Replacing the local High Street Gallery, as THE place to buy Modern Wall Art on-line, with great service, at great value prices, is what we are all about.

About 10 years ago, after struggling to find large affordable artwork for a newly refurbished home, a friend of mine showed me some modern abstract canvases that he had bought on-line.

Now this is where you think you can probably predict the story...

(If only everything in life was that simple ! )

This was the light-bulb moment, where i realised that there was a gap in the market.

But instead of setting up an on-line store to sell this very type of artwork.....i instead set up a wholesale production business, to distribute this type of art to hundreds of local galleries, that at the time couldn't supply affordable canvas artwork to fill large empty walls like mine.

Things were all going well, and then just as the recession of 2008 was starting to bite, and the shops that we supplied were starting to disappear from the local High Street, we decided it was time to change direction.

We decided to start supplying our large "Wall Filling" canvases direct to the public at TRADE prices, through our own retail website "wallfillers".

Our Mission on that day, and still :

  • Attentive Customer Service
  • Convenience of Ordering
  • Unrivalled choice of Styles
  • Great Value artwork at Trade Prices.

To all of you, from all of us - Thank you for choosing Wallfillers.

Jack ODonoghue
Managing Director
Artbloc Company Ltd. Company No. 05651917

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