Banksy Canvas Wall Art - Ozones Angel Black and White for your Home

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Overall Size: 130cm x 67cm

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  • Overall Size 130cm x 67cm
  • Framed & Easy to Hang - FREE Template Included
  • Perfect Size for over your Sofa or Bed
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Product Description

  • Graffiti canvas pictures of Banksy's most poignant work - Ozones Angel.
  • Banksy painted this graffiti art as a tribute to another artist, Ozone, who had completely dogged Banksy's second 'Pulp Fiction' work leaving the message, "If it's better next time I'll leave it." Shortly after, Ozone was tragically killed by a London Underground train. The work is a modern reflection of the 'memento mori' school of art, which dates back to medieval times and reached it's peak in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
  • A substantial black & white trendy four panel set of canvas prints.
  • Supplied direct from
  • Britain's most dependable canvas gallery.
  • The pictures are made in high quality with with fade proof inks.
  • Manufactured to studio specifications.
  • Ideal width for above the sofa.
  • Dimensions: 51.2 inch x 26.4 inch in total.
  • Specific sizes.
    • The two outside parts measure 30cm wide x 45cm high (12" x 18").
    • The inner sections are 30cm wide x 60cm high (12" x 24").
  • We recommend a gap of 2.5cm between panels.